Lifecycle Opinions

The basic premise of lifecycle theory is that as you get older you should take less risk with your retirement savings.  That neglects the need to understand peoples goals, and the differences between people and groups of people.  These articles will provide sources on various aspects of investment of pensions, ageing of our society and research into these matters.....

  1. Reverse Mortgages and the peril of target date funds as told by Robert Merton.

  2. Delegation, trust and defaulting in retirement savings - a paper from CIFR from research and interviews with fund executivesand members.  Plan executives set a high risk exposure in default investment strategies to ensure high wealth growth, but defaulting respondents show a lower appetite for risk than active choosers. The heterogeneity and low skill of members make a case for smart defaults. 

  3. Nick Callil from Willis Towers Watson talks about developing your funds retirement strategy and their Retirement Strategy Appraisal (RSA) framework 

  4. Back in 2006 the CFA Institute asked "How can I spread the income from my working life over my entire life?".  The conference papers and the foreward to them neatly presents a description of Lifecycle finance.

  5. Prof Zvi Bodie on the Future of Lifecycle Saving & Investing

  6. ABS Bulletin on the Life Expectancy of Australians (2015)