Other Useful Links

  1. Paul Resnik of Finametrica has been a leading thinker in our industry for many years.  He has written about 'robo-advice' and its increasing penetration around the world.  In this research he says he "believes that robo-advisors are the most significant development in the delivery of financial advice in the past three decades".

  2. Mercer publish a review of the world's pensions system and rate their efficacy.  This is a link to the most recent version of the Mercer review.

  3. A novel approach to longevity and pooling.  This paper suggests a new bond product called SM Bonds: A Proposal to Manage, Price and Transfer Longevity Risk

  4. This is a detailed summary and chronology of the course of superannuation and retirement policy in Australia.

  5. The Productivity Commission has produced a paper about the Competitiveness and Effectiveness of the Superannuation System, and has been asked to provide opinions on an Alternative Default Model (due March 2017)

  6. A useful piece of research produced by the now defunct Centre for International Finance & Regulation on In-House Investment Management - Making and Implementing the Decision. 

  7. The household wealth and other financial data available in the HILDA Survey data represents a rich resource for empirical household finance researchers.  This is a JASSA article by Prof Roger Wilkins about this rich source of data 

  8. Infographic on the role of Housing for Australians (2015)

  9. Tony McFadyen gives his view on the appropriate objective of the superannaution system and how it should be enshrined in legislation.

  10. IITG response to the Income Streams Treasury Consultation paper (2015)